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By 1890 all the then  known  species of  Hemerocallis except,  H. minor  and
H.  graminea  had  been  introduced   to  American  Gardens.  It  is  one  of
the most extraordinary, evolving  perennials. We maintain and offer for sale  
over 600 varieties.  It  is  to  your  benefit  to  see  these  plants growing in a
natural  setting  so  as to better gauge which week or month they will  bloom
for you and  which color-height-form will  better enhance your garden's style.
"Montauk Dragon Lady"    Joan Palumbo ... hybridizer
at the Garden
Photo Tour
"Montauk Creepy Crawly"    Joan Palumbo ... hybridizer
Montauk Daylily Garden
location      136 Second House Road
mailing address              PO Box 518
Montauk,  New York   11954-0501
Home of the Perfect Perrenial
Montauk Daylily Garden
"Montauk Lacy Bloomers"     Joan Palumbo ... hybridizer
Dear Friends, we, currently, do not have any daylilys to sell. We live in the Town of East
Hampton which will not address the over abundance of fecund deer that have taken over
the towns that we are trying to live in (Tens of thousands & counting). They are a hazard
on the roads. I've had 2 accidents so far. I don't travel much & drive slowly & carefully.
They are laden with ticks(1,000 per animal)& every person  I know is ill. They are eating
everything in sight & really love the daylilys which I have not seen in 4 years. At town
meetings they suggest we not sit in the grass, wear all manner of protective gear &, of
course, spray ourselves & better yet, probably stay in the house just don't forget to pay
the taxes. I have high fencing but the deer smash through everything. I & my neighbors
can not even grow a few tomatoes on our little porches because the deer are now eating
those. The deer are by no means starving, just as fat, sassy, upitty & entitled as many of
the "Hamptonites"are. At the town meetings I offer: "You knew how to get rid of the
wolves & you knew how to get rid of the Native Americans but you don't know how to get
rid of the deer!" When you destroy the balance of Nature you destroy Mother Earth.
"Shame on all of you" The ignorant are inheriting a dieing world & they will reap what
they sow....sincerely Joan....beyond mere words!
** URGENT **
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** URGENT **
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