DIGGING.....If you already  know which daylilies you wish to purchase,
without seeing them, we dig from April
to  3rd  week in Sept.  Our daylilies are growing naturally in the garden
and are not in pots.  The plants  are  sold bare-rooted & require digging,
separating, labeling & bagging which is sometimes difficult & time
consuming.We work with shovels, knives &  scissors to get the task done
and we can not supersede other orders and shipments.  
We therefore can not dig to order unless the time is available......Montauk is in Zone .7
VACATIONERS......As  a  special  convenience-service  to  those  of  you  who  
are visiting  the  East End....you
may visit the garden.....select your cultivars.....pay for them....resume you
vacation....then pick up your order just before you head  home. Your daylilies will
have been freshly dug,  bagged &  ready to go. Your new plants can be planted upon
arrival home or in a day or so. If you prefer we can ship your order.
MINIMUM ORDER....$25         
BONUS PLANTS.....We always  provide  bonus daylilies with your order which is
equivalent to about  20% or
more of your cost as our way of saying "Thank You".
SHIPPING & HANDLING...$10 plus .25 cents @ plant..shipping available April -
Sept.. NYS residents please include  8.75%  sales tax. We dig shipping orders on Sunday,
let the root systems dry during the day , pack them at  the end of the day and  ship them
early on Monday mornings so that they will arrive at  you residences  before the
week-end...No shipments to Ca.
GUARANTEE....We provide double  divisions (2 fans) which are of  flower bearing
age (not immature seedlings) of @ daylily  unless otherwise  noted.   If  you  are  not
happy  with  your  plants,  for  any  reason,   do not plant them.  Simply return them,
immediately, for a full refund.
GIFT CERTIFICATES    Either a  gift of  daylilies  in  a  gift  box or a  gift certificate
placed in a card is a very different way  to  remember someone who is special to  you.
It  is  not  the  "same old - same old".  It  is  an  unending  way  to  say.. Thank You...
Congratulations...Happy Birthday...I Love You...Isn't Life Wonderful.
OBSERVATIONS....If you are unable to visit the garden and the only daylilies you can
remember seeing are the "tiger-lilies"  (misnomer)  by the side of  the road on the way to  
Grandma's  house are you in for a surprise.  Our web-site  is a glimpse of the  tip of a
very huge iceberg.  Species plants, brought into this country around the turn
of the last century and before,  have been metamorphosed  into the extraordinary  
cultivars  available today. Very dedicated hybridizers, not research institutions, are
responsible for this phenome.
Today's  daylily  is  now  truly   
MONTAUK...... juts out into the Atlantic Ocean &  is surrounded  by
water on three sides.  It is a very  primordial  place. The waters and  the
proximity to the Gulf Stream create  long  languid  autumns,  imagined  
springs,  comfortably  breezy summers  and when it snows in the winter a  
sense of wilderness. ..Wildness.  If  you permit yourself to feel this place you
will become  one of the edge-walkers;  a state beyond  comfort & sameness;
and  step  into  you. Montauk is  the  jewel-beyond  and  the primal scream!
VISITING..........We have  some daylilies starting  their bloom the  last week in May
(these are few &  far between). There  are  some  rebloomers that are still  blooming  
in early September (these  are also  limited).  If you are searching for  blooms during
these  times  this  is  the  time  to view them.  Between these  two  periods the daylily
bloom escalates then diminishes. The peak bloom time  is from middle June through
July.  If you choose plants that bloom during peak time you are  really limiting your-
self  &  your garden.  Daylilies are all on different  time schedules &  you can expect
a  new visual garden every two weeks if you choose wisely . At first,  it's nice to have
everyone  blooming  at  once but  it's   more  fun to  have  some  plants  bloom  in  a  
staggered  fashion so  that  there  is  always  a   new  surprise  and   new color  as   the
season progresses.  Since hybridizers are creating  new daylilies at such an astonishing  
rate and  photos,  pictures  in books  and  images  on-line  can be  deceiving  why  not
spend  a  few  brief  moments  to view some  lovely  daylilies   that  will  be  with  you
throughout your lifetime?...As an example: in our         
General Daylily List  you will
see the color yellow over & over again and you have just the spot for a yellow daylily.  
All yellow daylilies  are  not created equal!  Each yellow daylily has a different  name
because  it  is different from the others.  That  means  here  is  a  different shade  of
yellow, a different shape, texture, luminosity, height,  fragrance,  petal number, bud
count, bloom season,  performance  level...on & on.  Considering how many yellow
daylilies  there  are,  there  are  hybridizers  still   registering  yellow daylilies because
there's just something else that's different about  the  new one.  Daylily  Hybridizing
is  on an  incredible  roll and  is  picking up  speed with no end  in sight.  Every  year
there  are new breakthroughs  (a  new  element  that  fractures  the  existing  daylily
\profile)  These  plants  are  definitely not in a  static mode......We  usually do not go
anywhere  once  the season has  begun so  a  good  time  to  visit is  between  10am-
-3pm daily.......We are sometimes open until dark or on a  rare occasion closed  for
the day so you can give us a call for a recorded ( hours) message  if  you  wish........
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VACATIONERS......As  a  special  convenience-service  to  those  of  you  who  are
visiting  the  East  End......you may visit the garden.....select your cultivars......pay  for
them....resume you vacation....then pick up  your order  just  before you head  home.
Your daylilies will have been freshly dug, bagged &  ready to go. Your new plants can be  
planted upon arrival home or in a day or so.  If you prefer we can ship your order.
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