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Even if  you have never painted  before, are
the least bit  hesitant  to begin  painting, or  
have been painting but would
like additional
in "The Joy Of Painting" wet-on-wet
technique, attending  one of our  workshops  
will  prove to be quite a valuable experience    
       guaranteed to enrich your life.
Joan Palumbo & Bob Ross
Murphreesboro, Tennessee  October 1991
The Joy Of Painting    The Joy Of Painting     The Joy Of Painting     The Joy Of Painting
Montauk Art
Art Workshop
It's  the application of  wet  paint on top of wet paint,
omitting the  traditional  "wait" for each layer  to dry.
Using special firm paints & starting with a  wet-based
canvas,  paint  may  be glided across  the canvas  with
large brushes & palette knives making clouds, mountains,
trees and water appear in seconds.
What is the  Bob  Ross "wet-on-wet" technique?
Bob Ross
"The Joy Of Painting"
Wet-On-Wet Painting Technique
Certified Ross Instructor    Joan Palumbo
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You won't need brushes, paints, canvas or anything
else, just come on over. Relax and have some fun!