The Joy Of Painting    The Joy Of Painting     The Joy Of Painting     The Joy Of Painting
Montauk Art
Art Workshop
Montauk Art
Art Workshop
Bob Ross
"The Joy Of Painting"
Wet-On-Wet Painting Technique
Certified Ross Instructor    Joan Palumbo
Workshop Description
Workshop Description
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Montauk Art
  Did you know that Bob Ross
has created more painters than
anyone else
on Earth? Everyone
must start  somewhere and this
by far, the most effective way
to begin. Learning  by rote and
following someone step by step
is  the best teacher. Very  soon
everything starts to make sense.  
There  is  no  other  method  of
painting that
will send you home
with a  finished canvas on  your
attempt. It's as if you would  
be  able  to  play a  song on the
piano  during your  first  music
lesson. This  is  not a  silly  or  
frivolous notion.
Anything  that  
can  open and stretch the mind
and  heart  is  truly  wonderful.
Don't  pass  up the opportunity
to  try  something  you have
probably  always  wanted  to do.

This technique will
help eliminate
any  hesitantcy that many
experience before
considering any
of the arts. These are
the very best
results  oriented workshops. As  
your confidence
& abilities grow
you will find you no
longer have
need of the teacher &
can easily
create you
own original art works
your  subject  matter,
your colors & your methods. We
will  have  only assisted  you  in
getting to that point faster. Give
your life a gift.
Vacation Workshops
No Painting Experience is Necessary.
Go Home With A Finished Painting
Workshop Tuition
Workshop (no supplies included)....$50
Easels, Cleaning Racks, Buckets will be
provided  by us  for  your  convenience.
Starter  sets may  be ordered  from the
Bob Ross Company.
Workshop Supplies & Set-Up..Add $20
We supply &  set-up everything for you  
to complete your painting......including
your canvas. Total..$70
Workshops are  approximatly 5  hours in length with a  coffee
break included. Remember to  bring  a  sandwich if  you wish.
Class begins promptly at 3:30 p.m Please arrive earlier so that
you can set up your supplies and settle in.Late arrivals are very
disturbing and unfair to others. by check or cash
Sunday Workshop....3:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Bob Ross Company
Avalon Lakefront

Daylily Garden

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CLOTHING...Something Old.....Something Borrowed
...Nothing New !
We are very sorry but we can not accommodate any other
persons beside those taking the workshop.
Reservations Required